Pursuit oh! Happiness

Happiness is often described as a state of mind; it makes us wonder in quite’er times why is that state not permanent, in other words, why are we not always happy? When it is so important to be called as ultimate aim of life, then why don’t we stick to what made us happy a moment back so we continue feeling good.
And why is it then, when we struggle to keep everything like the way it made us happy are able to keep it but, happiness gradually still fades away.
Happiness is a state of mind, but what can we do to keep the state once we have got it. So is the question really how to keep it, or how to get it again and again, so as to not have big gaps between the happy states of mind.

And this is my point here – what do people who seem to always be happy do?
They definitely don’t cling on things which make them happy. If we ‘think’ quitely we’ll realize that its not some physical things and setups which makes us happy, happiness is rather a reaction of our mind to the state of things when it first percieves them in one form or another within a moment. It is a moment a small moment which has enough power to make one happy, and the experience of that moment which us happy. And moment always just passes away, and leaves us ‘happy’ for a good amount of time, until other moments of feeling override the happy feeling in our minds.
Physically, the mind takes this experience through one or combination of our ‘indri’ or perception receptor ie it could be a sight of young kid smiling at you, could be a first sip of hot cappuccino at your fav cafe on a cold but bright morning, could be a first time you are holding your baby, could be scent of your lady love when you getting close for the first kiss, and multitude of moments like these. These moments could be as simple as a squirrel climbing up the tree, or as special as holding your first baby. These moments of happiness can come from anywhere.
It could be a sound of ring from an old friend, and news that he’s visiting, totally unexpected but highly longed for.
It could just well be a regular train commute to work, and the girl sitting next to you, of whom you are not even able to clearly see the face , and that feeling in the stomach, that may be she’s the one – a big may be, but its the settings which makes you feel good about it.
There are numerous things which can generate these feelings within one’s life conext.

So – should we wait for something big to happen or achieve so you can become happy – as even if it happens the happiness would still be momentary, and eventually fade away? Also should we be clinging on to a state of things, which made us happy once?

Our mind keeps looking for fresh moments all the time.
The key would be to find happiness in small things, to try and behold these moments in the heart and move on, to find more.