Excogitatism and Me

Well, about me ? I am into Construction – I like to mention that.

I design, architect and build software systems, without really wearing yellow hard hats.  My constructs are more virtual than tangible. And when they do fall (not happened yet, but..), the least I need to protect is the head.

Excogitatism – by definition – as I hope it becomes popular – would mean the syndrome that makes you pause, think and ponder upon.  It has derived from the word ‘excogitate‘ which means ‘to cogitate’ – to think out, find out or discover by thinking.

I know I have it,  it occurs so frequently that are looking at a totally random object and suddenly, there are sparks of thoughts that come up from all different directions. From times long, I have struggled hard to find a term describing that feeling. I used to wonder, is it just me who gets this, well  – slowly things led me to believe Excogitatism is a state of mind, when even simple things, events you experience make you, think  – a lot.

With this weblog, I’ll just be sharing my observations, and see if your mind feeds on it and relishes and provokes some thoughts.

– Excogitator


2 thoughts on “Excogitatism and Me

  1. I like to provoke people into thought hence ‘Excogitant’ as in the agent of thinking..
    I do think so much i drive myself (and others) mad!

    Its a good thing — I read a lot too

    I am an artist and studied biochemistry if that makes sense!

  2. novel concept. very thought provoking.
    wisdom and knowledge follow a person who steps aside and ponders over all things, living or non, around him.
    such is the person who asks questions to himself. questions about his own existence, why was he and everything else created, who could’ve created. why does all that exists, exists.

    the greatest virtue of all is to think. to look around, observe and to think.

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