Object Oriented

Howdy !!

Hasn’t it been many times  you’ve seen objects just lying around here and there in a particular setting –  external to them, signifying something larger than the sum of there relative positions?

Lets say, a nice flashy shirt on an evening setting on the intersection of 14th and 8th Ave in New York city, tells you ah its Friday night again and am gonna meet that lovely young lady I bumped into a couple of days back.

Or say a sight of bear bottles and cans on the footpath in the wee hours on your daily walk to the office, tells you, the weekend just passed and its Monday again, reminds of how warm and nice it was and for a second you go back in that nice and warm relaxing time you had in last two days.

If you keenly note, you’ll see a lot of unconventional symbols telling you a story or experience that you generally just feel and absorb and not say.

‘Object oriented’ here tries to bring to conscience,  some scenes like these and get you to think  and ponder (excogitis). I am trying my hand at what if I can call sketchtoon, a not so graceful mix of a sketch and cartoon.

Enjoy !


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